What client is connecting
when that error happens?
IE 7 to 9 or Firefox
But none ask to add certificate, both say that the site is unreachable....sounds weird I know T_T


Guillaume ROQUES

Le 20:59, Arno Garrels a écrit :
ROQUES Guillaume wrote:
Do you ask for how to get a ICS TSslHttpServer working with a bought
server certificate?
Yes, and if I need to convert p7b's certificate or not ?
Open the MyCertificate.pem in a text editor that understands UNIX
line breaks. Does MyCertificate.pem include multiple certificates?
With a bought commercial certificate there should be at least 2
certificates included in MyCertificate.pem.
Make sure that the order of these certificates is correct.
First has to be the server certificate followed by possible
intermediate certificates followed by the root CA certificate.
That's right, I found 3 certificates : 1 for the domain name
*.mydomain.com, 1 for GlobalSign Domain Validation CA and 1 for
GlobalSign root CA.
So that looks correct, the handshake error may happen due to the
client closes the connection, so I ask again: What client is connecting
when that error happens? Common browsers should have the GlobalSign root
CA in there trusted certificate store, TSslHttpCli clients not
(by default).

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