> I presume there is another way to get to the posted data apart from 
> the method demonstrated in the webserver demo?

I have updated the web server demo with a new page delayed.html which is
sent after a 10 second delay using a timer, as I previously explained you
need to use.  This is actually GET, but POST is no different, you just
read the passed parameters differently.  

This is not exactly server push, since there are no formal standards for
such a thing, without client side support.  But the concept is the same,
you just keep the timer repeating to send data regularly.  

But you can not send a complete HTML page, at least to my knowledge,
which is why a real server push example would need client side code to
expect updates, or an IFrame or something horrible like that, and I
really don't have the time or inclination to do any of that.  

If you have a specific example of what you are trying to achieve,
including actual HTML, we may be able to help further, once you've tried

The new demo is in SVN now, and the nightly zip will be available after


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