Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd wrote:
>> Persistant headers are not usefull cause only certain Mimetype need
>> special headers
>> And I believe this is not just a special scenario for our apps.
>> According to Pagespeed and feedback from our users this relative
>> simple change (Date and Expire headers) improved the response times
> I'm just about to change to HttpServer MIME handling again, to use a
> look-up list read from the Windows classes registry or a text file)
> when the server starts, to replace the current hard coded MIME list.

Likely a THashedStringList will provide fastest lookups with D7+.
> It will be editable by the application.

Agreed, that should be possible.
> I have noticed with my own application that images are continually
> downloaded on page refresh and never cached by the browser, but since
> they are very small I've never got around to checking the headers.
> Obviously I want don't want dynamic htm pages to be cached, but do
> want images cached.

> It would be best if most of this was handled in the HttpServer rather
> than events the application needs to process. So maybe the new MIME
> list could add flags or actual headers to add for differing file
> types? 

I would not link headers with MIME types (in the same list) but rather 
keep it clear and simple. This new class should also be usable from 
other components such as the SMTP client.

The Expires header is IMO more an application detail. 
i.e. my app may use both static and frequently changing dynamically 
created images (as in the WebApp server demo).  

> Exactly what custom headers do we need for differing MIME types?  We
> can handle current date with a header mask.
> Angus
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