First maybe a little background.. Using Borland C++ Builder-5 as it was the 
last version I purchased when I was using it for business and so far it still 
does everything I've needed. Downloaded and installed the ICS components and 
everything seems to have went well. I am totally clueless when it comes to any 
of the internet languages and really need help with a task I recently got roped 
into involving Facebook.

I need to write a WindowsXP app that will upload photos to Facebook users 
accounts, hoping ICS will give me the tools and you guys will get me started. I 
found some info on the Facebook developers site but don't have a clue what to 
do with it. Here is the link..


Looks like it might be a PHP script, I've heard of PHP but that's as far as my 
knowledge goes. Any chance I can drop an ICS component on a form, copy the code 
in the link and make it work... Can't possibly be that easy, nothing ever is, 
is it. I do understand I will need a user interface to pass the user info to 
the control but that is the easy part (I think, maybe).

I'm thinking with the popularity of facebook this is something that if we can 
get it working I would be happy to share the whole project, maybe we can get it 
on the ICS sight in the User Made section.

Thanks in advanced and appreciate any insight that might help get me started.
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