> My problem is to open the attached files and / or save them for 
> later use.

The actual content for each of the attachments is in
MimeDecodeEx.PartInfos [x].PartStream, so to save that to a file you
simply use TFileStream methods, such as SaveToFile (FileName).  Obviously
you have to search the headers for the different parts (x) to find any
worth saving.  

The attachment file name is harder, it may be in the array as PFileName,
or PName or both may be blank and you only have PContentType to say what
type of attachment. 

The latest ICS from SVN has a new MIME function ContentTypeGetExtn which
will return the file extension for any MIME content type (according to
the Windows registry) which you can use to create a file name (or confirm
the extension from PFileName) so the file can be correctly opened once


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