RTT wrote:
> On 05-02-2012 12:15, Arno Garrels wrote:
>>   So there must be an option to allow
>> ranges on a per request basis. A new method would provide such an
>> option. 
> I see. A new method then (and "AnswerStreamAcceptRange" seems more
> appropriate).
> Or, probably better, replace the AnswerStream code with the new one
> that handle ranges, and with a new parameter (e.g. SendRangeIfValid)
> application can control the behavior by request basis. These methods
> share almost all the code, so it's more easy to maintain this way.
> And, if really needed to maintain backward compatibility, define a
> overload AnswerStream, without that parameter, that calls the new one.

Problem is that AnswerStreamAcceptRange can only be used
for OK-responses. 

I just checked in Tobias' change as SVN rev. #890
However renamed to "AnswerStreamAcceptRange" and added a parameter
"Header: String".

THttpServer - Tobias Rapp added method AnswerStreamAcceptRange which is similar 
to AnswerStream however does not ignore requested content range. Use this 
method only for OK responses.
Arno removed wrong comments "{ Do not use AnswerString method because we don't 
want to use ranges }" 

Arno Garrels
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