Thanks Arno

Would the FireMonkey beta be the next “stable release” of ICS ?

A part of my project is a service. May I use the "FireMonkey beta” or must I 
use the latest ICSV7 ?
I would prefer to use only one version of ICS.


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XE2 andFiremonkey on windows
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vanroie.d...@skynet.be wrote:
> On www.overbyte.be the latest stable version of icsV7 is dated Oct
> 2010 an not tagged for XE2. 
> I am developing a Delphi XE2 Firemonkey windows app.
> Which version of ICS should I use
> 1) If I need IPV6 support ?
> 2) If I don?t need IPV6 support ?

Beta Delphi FireMonkey support is currently available in the IPv6 branch only:
SVN-checkout the "FireMonkey beta". 
Read the CrossPlatformNotes.txt in root directory.
Install the DXe2InstallVclFmx.groupproj
FireMonkey demos are in \Delphi\PlatformDemos
There are still units and components not yet ported, the demos are
an overview over what should work.

> By the way how can I do a global search on this mailing list to avoid
> posting a question that someone else has already posted ? the page 
> http://lists.elists.org/pipermail/twsocket/ is not searchable ... 

Try: http://marc.info/?l=twsocket&r=1&w=2

Arno Garrels

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