> Hi,
> Thanks Arno
> Would the FireMonkey beta be the next “stable release” of ICS ?

I hope so, at least that is my plan, don't know what the rest of 
the team thinks? Since there is practically zero feedback about 
it in this list it's hard to say something about its stability.
Is it due to lack of users or due to lack of bugs 8-) Unless I 
haven't read at least 10 questions or bug reports from 10 different
users related to the beta I won't recommend a merge with trunk.
BTW, there has never been a 'stable' ICS release.. ;)  ICSv7 is
still getting fixes and non-breaking new features that are also 
merged with the IPv6/FireMonkey branch. The beta includes only very
few breaking changes. If you do not use the new features (namely
IPv6 and server's multi-listen capability) the main change left was 
internal use of winsock2 API (OverbyteWinsock.pas), so switching
back to current trunk version should be no problem.
On the other side the MacOS part actually is an experiment with
its fake window messages and home-grown asynchronous sockets.   

> A part of my project is a service. May I use the "FireMonkey beta” or
> must I use the latest ICSV7 ? I would prefer to use only one version
> of ICS. 

All versions can be used in a NT service, no problem.

Arno Garrels
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