I want to build a small webserver application to interface my framework,
receiving http requests and replying with XML documents. I'd like to use
your ICS suite under Delphi XE.

The process seems to be pretty straight forward, using the OnGetDocument
event. I just have a few questions, regarding simultaneous requests.

1. When two or more OnGetDocument events occur at the same time, should I
create separate threads to process each one of them, knowing that my event
response will only include XML string and the XML is generated in real time
using my framework?

2. What would be the best approach for a system where 10 to 15 users can
request searches at the same time and my framework takes 1-2 seconds to
process each one (with heavy cpu usage)?

3. Do you have more demos for http servers?

4. Does anyone who has built a working http server with ICS has any advise?

Thank you!

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