> 1. When two or more OnGetDocument events occur at the same time, 
> should I create separate threads to process each one of them,
> knowing that my event
> response will only include XML string and the XML is generated in 
> real time using my framework?

ICS servers will handle hundreds of simultaneous clients using a single
thread.  Using simultaneous threads does make the server more complicated.

> 2. What would be the best approach for a system where 10 to 15 
> users can request searches at the same time and my framework takes
> 1-2 seconds to process each one (with heavy cpu usage)?

Two issues here.  Presumably you expect to run this server on a Quad Xeon
or better, so you do need multiple processes or threads to make use of
multiple processors.  

But the web application does not necessarily need to use threads, you can
offload the real XML processing into a separate application, or more than
one, and use Windows messages or a socket to pass the posted parameters
and inform the web server when the XML is ready to return.  

When developing the web application, you could combine this into a
separate application for testing, and then split them when you need more

> 3. Do you have more demos for http servers?

There are two, OverbyteIcsWebServ is a simple server,
OverbyteIcsWebAppServer is more advanced adding session concepts. 
> 4. Does anyone who has built a working http server with ICS has any 
> advise?

I have a SQL based web application, you can see the ICS versions and
traffic statistics here:


This only uses a single thread, despite the SQL requests being blocking
and taking up to a second, they simply get queued if the server is busy. 


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