So now I have another issue which I'm sure someone will know the answer to.

I am copying Unicode files from my FTP server to a local directory. The
problem is that for every carriage return I get an additional non-Unicode
carriage return. So for a CR LF where I should receive 0D 00 0A 00, I get 0D
00 0D 0A 00. This of course has now screwed up the rest of the file as all
the bytes are now out of sync.

If I copy the file by Drag & Drop using Windows Explorer all is fine.

Using Wireshark to compare what is sent in each case I see that using the
ICS FTP Client the extra 0D is indeed being sent from the FTP server.
Using Drag & Drop I see a "Type I" command in the Wireshark display and the
data is correct.

The ICS FTP Client component has the "Binary" property set TRUE.

Help much appreciated as always.


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