I used SmtpCli in one of my applications (ok still ICS V5 under D2007)
and today I found out that I send all mails with charset set to
iso8859-1, even when the message body later on contains japanese (ANSI).
This is of course not well displayed in Outlook on the receiving site.
Even changing the view/charset doesn't change anything for those far
eastern languages. For russion setting this to russian (windows) does at
least change the chars so they're proper and result in readable text.

Allow8BitChars  is left on it's default value (remember: I'm still on
V5, I will move as soon as I get the time to move this project from
D2007 to something newer).

DefaultEncoding is set to smtpEnc7bit

Any hints for me how to do this the correct way? e.g. find out the
user's charset and use that? Or sending UTF8? (does this work with all
mail clients?)

Or how is normally a mail composed which should look the same in all
regions of this world (and which doesn't only contain ASCII chars)?
Or would my mail look right on a japanese Outlook/Japanese Windows?


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