Markus Humm wrote:
> Hello,
>> Arno wrote:
>>> Humm, Markus wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> fixed my Smtp problem not by specifiying UTF8 as charset and using
>>> AnsiToUTF8
>> It's not clear how you fixed it?
>> You should specify "UTF-8" as the charset if you convert mail body
>> and subject line etc. to UTF-8. Also set Allow8BitChars to FALSE so
>> any 8-bit char will be quoted printable encoded.
> yes I specified UTF-8 as charset and converted body and subject via
> AnsiToUTF8 and that looks good now. I also thing I did set
> Allow8BitChars to FALSE, but out of my head I'm not sure.
> For me it looks this will be ok until I completely convert to Unicode.

Very likely, yes. However consider the port to Unicode soon, V7 includes
countless bugfixes, I'm unable to enumerate all fixes here (they are plenty).

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