Right now all out applications use IP version 4 (developed with D2007,

We have a request pending from one customer to support IP version 6 in the -
not to distant - future.
We are using only basic components (TWSocket, TWSocketServer).

I'd like to ask a few questions with regard to this change:
1. What is the current state of IP V6 support in ICS? 
- Ready for production use
- Work in progress, already useable
- Not ready for primetime

2. ICS version
- Does ICS V7 support IP V6? 
- Does ICS V8 support IP V6?

3. If I need to switch to ICS V8
- Any breaking changes between ICS V7 and V8?
- Any major changes necessary in my legacy code if I just want to keep IP

4. Going from IP V4 to V6
- Any documentation/examples/tutorials available

As you might conclude from my questions above I am in no way an IP V6
specialist. So any pointers to good tutorials on this matter (short,
precise, for people with some good IP V4 background) are also welcome. 

Best regards

  Stefan Paege

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