> I'd like to ask a few questions with regard to this change:
> 1. What is the current state of IP V6 support in ICS? 
> - Ready for production use
> - Work in progress, already useable
> - Not ready for primetime
> 2. ICS version
> - Does ICS V7 support IP V6? 
> - Does ICS V8 support IP V6?

Only ICS V8 supports IPv6.  

ICS V8 is ready for production use, I am using it all my ICS applications.
But testing of IPv6 itself is limited due to issues such as very few
firewalls and routers supporting IPv6.  I have a public IPv6 address
allocation (2a00:1940:0001:0002::/64), but can not use it yet. 

I've done limited testing with FTP and HTTP on my internal network, but
none yet on the public internet until Sonicwall offers IPv6 support for
my firewalls (which means buying new hardware).  

> 3. If I need to switch to ICS V8
> - Any breaking changes between ICS V7 and V8?
> - Any major changes necessary in my legacy code if I just want to 
> keep IP V4? 

You need to check readme8.txt for details on updating, all the
directories have changed and some minor functions gone.  There are no
program changes needed to support IPv4, but you will need changes for

> 4. Going from IP V4 to V6
> - Any documentation/examples/tutorials available

No documentation yet, I am planning to write a getting started guide for
IPv6, but have not had time yet.  You'll need to look at the IPv6
implementations in the HTTP and FTP server components to see how to
implement IPv6 in your own applications, and the new demos

Note that IPv6 is not yet supported by all the components, ping in
particular is missing, which I plan to do next month. 


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