> Files can be found here:

You are not currently logging any commands sent by the FTP component
which is normally quite useful. 

You are not sending the FEAT command which might hint as to which FTP
server is at fault, use ConnectFeatAsync instead of ConnectAsync. 

In the first log, you seem to have an extra shut down for handle 1988
which appears to be from any unlogged earlier FTP session that was
unfinshed before you started this session.  

12:38:03:331 0322F130 Socket handle created 1992
12:38:03:509 ! Data Session requested
12:38:03:510 0322F9B0 Socket accepted 1944
12:38:03:511 0322F9B0 TCustomWSocket.Shutdown 1 1988
12:38:03:512 ! Data Session opened
12:38:03:514 >|150 Opening BINARY mode data connection 

This may be unconnected, but the component should not really know about
earlier handles at this point.  


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