Hello Arno.

Thanks for mentioning RcptNameAdd(...).

It's parameters are strings.

I need to add up to 200,000 names to the ToList, which could be about 4,000,000 
As each email address is added to the list, the memory handling might make this 
become very slow.

Can T...SMTPCli handle this quantity?

What are the alternative ways? (You mentioned this was the easiest way.)

It would be best for me if I could just set one name for the Bcc.



On 27/01/2013 03:03, Arno Garrels wrote:
Raymond Kennington wrote:

One of my developed has been using this component to send messages
for 13 years.
No problems! Thanks!!

Now I am incorporating the code into another project, and I would
rather use Bcc instead of cc - because I don't want the receiver to
know who else the message is being sent to.

Is Blind carbon copy possible with this component?

Of course it is. The easiest way is to use method
RcptNameAdd(const ToList, CcList, BccList: string) as shown
in MailSnd demo in order to specify the recipients.
List separator is either ";" or ",".
A Bcc recipient simply isn't listed in the email header.
Means do neither assign Bcc recipients to property HdrTo nor
to HdrCc.

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