Ohh this is awesome! I'll try to test it as well, probably next week too.


El 13/02/2013 02:21 p.m., Arno Garrels escribió:
Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd wrote:
Ping IPv6 seems to be working now, do you want to test it?

Trace Route to: ipv6.google.com
Ping of 56 bytes took 29 msecs
1     0ms  2a01:348:6:68c::2         PC19
2     8ms  2a01:348:6:68c::1         gw-1677.lon-02.gb.sixxs.net
3    11ms  2a01:348::4:0:3:1:1       gblon02.sixxs.net
4     9ms  2a01:348:0:4::3::1        2a01:348:0:4::3::1
5    11ms  2a01:348::36:1:1          xe-0-1-1.cs0.the.uk.goscomb.net
6     9ms  2a01:348::24:1:1          xe-0-1-0.cs0.gs2.uk.goscomb.net
7    13ms  2a01:348::40:1:1          xe-0-1-0-0.cs1.gs2.uk.goscomb.net
8    12ms  2a01:348::41:1:1          xe-0-1-0.cs0.sov.uk.goscomb.net
9    11ms  2a01:348::17:0:1          ge-1-1-5.rt0.sov.uk.goscomb.net
10    10ms  2a01:348::51:0:1
xe-0-0-1-0.rt0.thn.uk.goscomb.net 11    94ms  2001:7f8:4::3b41:1
2001:7f8:4::3b41:1 12     8ms  2001:4860::1:0:15f
2001:4860::1:0:15f 13     9ms  2001:4860::8:0:2ddf
2001:4860::8:0:2ddf 14    28ms  2001:4860::8:0:2ac4
2001:4860::8:0:2ac4 15    28ms  2001:4860::2:0:87b
2001:4860::2:0:87b 17    26ms  2a00:1450:400c:c06::67
Trace Route Completed
Cool, I'll be able to test it a bit next weekend.

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