> Cool, I'll be able to test it a bit next weekend.

No problem, just need to test it with XE3 and 64-bit, and find out why
the sample no longer runs on XP.  

Although we've always been used to a blocking ping, it transpires
Microsoft added async ping using a callback with Windows 2000, which I
have implemented. Unfortunately it does not seem to actually work, the
return code says ERROR_IO_PENDING but the callback never happens. 
Googling I've not found a single example in any language using the
callback or anyone that has ever made it work. 

But I have added my threaded ping to ICS, which is how the trace route

I'm also trying to get another SIXXS tunnel for my public server (until
the firmware in my firewall gets IPv6 support) so I can make ICS servers
available on IPv6. 


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