> I need to build a network monitoring tool that will ping about a 
> 1000 IP's on a regular basis,  I plan to use Thread-Pool for this.

I did a major rewrite of ICMP and Ping last month, including a new
threaded ping component and a trace route demo that sends off lots of
pings using threads. 

Unfortunately Arno decided it would not work on FireMonkey (about which
probably very few care) and he removed it from SVN.  Since I can not
actually build the FireMonkey packages in XE3 which are undocumented, get
too many silly errors, everything is on hold until I have sufficient
spare time to try and reverse engineer his changes.  

> I know there is an issue with doing simultaneous ICMP request 
> because all the listening socket receive the reply and this create
> confusion.

My older thread ping component has been sending dozens of simultaneous
requests for 10 years without any issues. 



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