Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd wrote:
>> ICS V8 supports FireMonkey (Windows and OS X), if you do not want
>> to support it please no not add you contribution to ICS V8.
> And ping and icmp don't currently work on OS X anyway, they should not
> have been in the FireMonkey packages in the first place.

Unless there's a cross-platform solution I think it's Ok to add ICMP 
to FireMonkey Windows only.

>> Because I currently do not have the spare time to fix your
>> contribution.
> If nobody has the time to support FireMonkey, it's support should be
> removed from ICS.  

I do have some time to maintain FireMonkey. However if I hit a revision 
that breaks a lot and I do not have the time to fix it at once I'll revert
it back to a working revision. Today I fixed the issue and checked in your

Basically a unit included in IcsCommonDXE3Run may neither use the VCL nor
the FMX framework. And you added to OverbyteIcsIcmp.pas OverbyteIcsWSocket.pas.

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