I have an IP Cam which will service a request from Firefox, as below, 

and return to Firefox an image...

I want, using Delphi 4, to create a simple little app which would 
have an edit box, a "Do It" button and a TImage object.

Don't let the long, complex URL be an issue... I think that the app I 
want could be tested just by putting a little jpg on my web server, 
and pointing the app at that. If the app could be smart enough to 
know whether it was looking at a .bmp or a .jpg, and deal with 
either, so much the better. But to start with, it can just assume 
that the data is a jpg file.

I would put the "http://192... snapshot..." line in the edit box, 
click the "Do It" button, and hope to see the image from the camera 
in the TImage object.

Do you think this can be done with ICS and Delphi 4?

Any hints?

(I once wrote an app with ICS to read the source of a webpage, i.e. 
the HTML "behind" what Firefox displays if a URL is visited... The 
biggest puzzle I have just now is...

If I "sort of do that again"... how do I intercept the part of what 
the web server returns that is the image? How do I "decode" what the 
server sends into something I can "send" to the TImage object?

I don't expect anyone out there to be able to do all this for me... 
but maybe someone knows of an existing tutorial on the subject... 
remembering my Delphi 4 constraint, please. Or maybe someone knows it 

Just Can't Be Done?

As I said... hints welcomed, and I hope I can take it from there...


Delphi and Lazarus Tutorials, incl ICS material...
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