> Window handles do not exist in OS X too but that can be emulated as I
showed in ICSv8. 
> The nature of PostMessage() and SendMessage() is that they take a target
(call it handle).

This is what I've done. The "Windows handle" is the instance of
TMessagingSystem. I made PostMessage a method of the object because I like
the OOP way, but PostMessage could have been done a simple function taking
the TMessageSystem instance as first argument like a "Window Handle". This
is just the same.

> Will your port introduce a new incompatible source branch as it was the
case with your Kylix port in the past? 

I don't know yet. I'm progressing slowly and carefully, building other
applications in the meanwhile. This way I get more experience with the new
Android API and will in the end produce better code. Obviously my goal is to
hide as much as possible changes.

>> I already wrote an AnsiString class which does the required work.
> I saw it, that's far away from solving the problem! 

At least it solve all problem I had until now. And since it is a plain
class, IMO it is easy to solve other problems, if any.
> Let's see and count the memory leaks and other issues caused by ARC-ed
> over the next years in your ported ICS source code.

We'll see. Anyway we have no other choice. ARC is mandatory on Android.

> Well, zero-based strings is a complety unnecessary mess IMO.


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