First of all let me say a great thank you for a great TCP/IP components


I have a strange problem.


I have a thread that has one TWSocket and a TStack.

The socket is tcp and used as a client.


I add messages to this Stack from another thread.


In the thread that uses the TWSocket I read  one item at a time from the


The item has a string and a destination IP.


Every time I read one item from the stack I check that my socket is
closed, connect to the IP in

the message and wait for the SocketSessionConnected event.


When the SocketSessionConnected is triggered I send the data and call
CloseDelayed function


Everything works just fine except that once in a few restarts to my
application I get an exception

that IP address is not defined. My IP is defined and has no problems
that I can see ?


What am I doing wrong or is there a bug in TWSocket ?


I have attached the code I am using.


Any assistance will be appreciated.




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