> (Sorry if this error has been found and fixed, I've looked where 
> I think I should and not found it.)
> Windows 7 Delphi 2007 for win32 server with custom (non-ICS) FTP 
> client on Solaris 10 (Unix).
> I'm battling with a problem on the FTP server demo.
>  Get File filename.ext (RETR and Server logs: filename.ext
> 2.06Mbytes sent in 9 seconds (223Kbytes/sec))
> But the filename.ext on disk is not 2.06Mbytes in size but 
> generally less than 150K.

Try repeating your tests against ics.ftptest.org which is one of my
public ICS FTP servers.  Anonymous login is fine for testing downloads.
There are small and large files for different tests.  

I download 200 megs of logs a day from three ICS FTP servers, for
several years, problems are very rare.  


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