The latest 1.6 Lazarus is excellent and starts up in seconds it works
pretty good and has features Delphi does not.

FPC has its own generics and a Delphi compatible one is available on source
forge, and many Delphi components are available such as virtual tree view
lots more as well.

In FPC mode you can do things Delphi cannot like using strings in case
statements and handy short cuts like +=

The LCL is also fully cross platform and you can create GUI and daemon apps
for Linux.

Sure if has some bugs but they do frequent releases and if we can get all
those talented Delphi ide hackers involved ๐Ÿ˜€

"'Im in fact very impressed with the compiler itself, but a bit letdown by
Lazarus IDE. Hopefully in the future FPC/Lazarus would catch up with Delphi
should it end.โ€
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