OpenSSL has released new versions this week, ICS versions of OpenSSL
1.0.2g and 1.0.1s may be downloaded from:

These new OpenSSL versions fix several issues, the worst of which
relate to the obsolete SSLv2 protocol which by default is no longer
supported, also some old export, low and DES ciphers are removed.  

Because these new DLLs no longer export some SSLv2 functions, they can
not be used with existing versions of ICS, V8.24 is needed which is
available with the overnight V8 zip.  

If your ICS application still needs to support the obsolete SSLv2
protocol (which is open to malicious attacks), ICS V8.24 and later
include a define OPENSSL_ALLOW_SSLV2 which must be enabled and the
library rebuilt to allow SSLv2 methods to be specifically selected for
older DLLs or new ones that specifically have obsolete SSLv2 support

The ICS_Download page has two versions of each of the new DLLs, without
and with SSLv2 and the later versions may be used with ICS V8.23 and
earlier.  It is not out intention to continue building the version with
SSLv2, this is a stop gap to avoid rebuilding new applications.  


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