>> I wonder should default value of  TSSLContext.SslVersionMethod be also 
>> updated to be at least sslV3, or to sslTLS_V1

>The default has been sslBestVer since V8.15, which is currently the same as 
>sslV23 but easier to understand.  
>The next major OpenSSL release also renames it for the same reason. 

Yes what I was actually meant should sslBestVer now be something else? Because 
I just have a problem with one of the services that I use that stopped working 
after updating my client to 1.0.2g and I had to explicitly set SslVersionMethod 
to sslTLS_V1 to be able to connect to it again.
So is sslV23 still a safe default since support to SSLv2 was removed?
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