Hello guys, I have an application that sends a Post using TIdHttp.Post
sending the parameters in a TStringList as follows

        paramsLog := TStringList.Create;
        paramsLog.Add('username=' + user);
        paramsLog.Add('password=' + password);

the problem when trying to do this in "ConnectionDataAvailable" the
TStringList is empty, it will see the debug, then to send the post(url,
TStringList) I get the error "Bad Request"

out of the "Connect OnDataAvailable" If I by the mouse cursor over
"paramsLog" I see the following,

"(nil, [], $3992820, #0, '', #0, #0, False, 0, nil, True,
(('username=user', nil), ('password=t&5t&@#$', nil),
('grant_type=password', nil), ('', nil)), 3, 4, False, dupIgnore, False,
(nil,nil), (nil,nil), False)"

inside the "ConnectionDataAvailable" if I move the mouse cursor see "()"

because it happens within "ConnectionDataAvailable" and how can I fix this?

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