> 'd like to use a PKCS#7 certificate with ICS 8.44. and OpenSSL
> 1.1.0f, but I don't know which properties to initialize.

You should load OpenSSL at the start, before calling any SSL functions,
otherwise it may get loaded and reloaded and be unpredictable. 

Your code is then confused about loading certificates, you seem to be
doing it repeatedly from different locations, using different functions,
setting SslCertFile to SslCAFile, then LoadFromFile(CertificatSSL, xx
which is different.  

I assume all those intermediates are in the certificate file?  Seems a
lot.  Or are they in CertificatSSL.p7b? 

The real error would appear to be 'Pkey not Loaded' and I don't see a
private key being loaded anywhere?  Without a private key, an SSL
server will not work.  

While PEM and PFX/P12 files can include a private key, P7B files are
only certificates so the key will be in a separate file. 

I'd suggest you look at the new OverbyteIcsSslMultiWebServ sample added
with ICS V8.49 that uses the new IcsHosts structure and hides all this
SSLContext stuff away. 


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