Points from an IRC conversation on #launchpad (log at the end):

* lp:txaws (lp:~txaws-dev/txaws/trunk) has a -1 revision,

* bzr reconcile will probably fix this,

* Pushing a reconciled branch will not break stacking,

* Pushing a reconciled branch may mean others have to pull --overwrite
  before they can push again,

* Any idea how this happened?

Unless someone else does the reconcile (and push --overwrite, or
something more drastic, ...?), I'm happy to do it, but I'd like a
green light from someone in the project before I do. It may be better
if someone with knowledge of bzr internals does it anyway.


#launchpad on freenode, conversation started at 1547 UTC:

<soren> I'm confused.. Say I'm looking at
  https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~txaws-dev/txaws/trunk and want to
  see what r43 (lifeless' PEP-8 changes) is all about.. I click on it,
  and what loggerhead shows me is something completely different. How
  does that make sense?

<exarkun> Many of those links do seem bogus.

<allenap> abentley: soren noticed that links to revisions in
  loggerhead are on crack above. Do you have a few minutes to take a

<abentley> soren, allenap: The branch data is buggy-- if you run bzr
  log lp:~txaws-dev/txaws/trunk, you'

<abentley> soren, allenap: ll see it has a revision -1.

<abentley> soren, allenap: If you run reconcile on the branch, I
  expect you'll get consistent behaviour between loggerhead and

<allenap> abentley: If the reconciled branch is pushed, do you think
  it'll break other people's branches, or stacking?

<allenap> abentley: The branch owner is an open team, so I could fix
  this myself, but I don't want to break the branch for others.

<abentley> allenap: It won't break stacking.  It's possible that
  people will need to pull --overwrite before they can push again.

<allenap> abentley: Okay, I'll get in touch with the team before I do
  anything then. Thanks.

<exarkun> How do branches end up with buggy data?

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