Hey guys,

Just wanted to give a heads up... there are a bunch of txAWS branches up
for review and have been since UDS. They need some lovin'. If you have
the interest, and barring that, the time to take a look at them, it
would be greatly appreciated.

The first branch is a big one, as it brings the s3 code into symmetry
with the ec2 code that Thomas and I worked on over the last 4 months or
so. The remaining branches are all built on that one, so that changes
are much smaller (I think the merge proposal diffs show the full diff
with trunk -- don't let that scare you away!).

There's a certain amount of urgency involved here: at UDS, Elliot Murphy
suggested that we get txAWS into Lucid and offered to participate in
that process (this would help his team). The window of opportunity for
inclusion in Lucid grows smaller very day (I think at UDS we were at the
10 week point?)...

My hope is that txAWS 0.2 gets in, but barring that, 0.1.

0.1 will have s3 improvements as well as basic image support in ec2. It
will also provide command line scripts for ec2 operations, written to be
compatible with the euca2ools scripts.

0.2 will include support for uploading images for registration in ec2
(this makes use of the s3 infrastructure) as well as creating images
locally (similar to the functionality provided by the ec2-ami-tools).



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