Review: Approve

[1] In _secret_convert_old_schema, you should pass as name parameter 
to List, to keep compatibility.

[2] You also need to forward the optional parameter.

[3] Still in the sample, it seems you should forward the default value, and use 
[] otherwise as default.

[4] In _convert_nest_to_flat, you return as soon as you get a dict: if you have 
more params, they get ignore. You should probably call _result.update instead.

+            {'': 'value',
+             'foo.2.baz': 'value'}
+        to::
+            {'foo': {'1': {'bar': 'value'},
+                     '2': {'baz': 'value'}}}

I think we talked about that, but what's the reason we don't convert this to:

{'foo': [{'bar': 'value'}, {'baz': 'value'}]} ?

FWIW, I discovered most of this running Landscape/Clouddeck. We can deal with 
some small incompatibilities, but it'd be nice to narrow them down. Thanks!
Your team txAWS Technical List is requested to review the proposed merge of 
lp:~radix/txaws/parameter-enrichment into lp:txaws.

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