>From the tips page http://txt2tags.sourceforge.net/tips.html#code-syntax
"Txt2tags doesn't colorize programming code inside verbatim blocks.
That would be plain bloat, and we're KISS.
But you can make that using any other colorizer program and save the
results to a file. Then you just include this file on the txt2tags
conversion using the Tagged Include feature."

This means my code has to be separate from the txt2tags file, which is
annoying. Unless I write a pre-parser to extract the code and replace
it with include links, then process each code block to a separate
file, and then run the final txt2tags conversion.

I would much prefer an option that could take a span, or block of
text, send it to an arbitrary external command, and replace it with
the command's output. It seems that's the motivation behind the
pre/post processors, but they only do constant search/replace.

I like that txt2tags strives for simplicity, but it would be nice if
it could be simply extended with as much complexity as I want. :)

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