Hello Mike,

The "simple VS flexible" fight is always a challenge :)

I don't know how much is far enough, but in case of doubt, I do prefer
to not implement new things.

External processing is something may cause problems in conversion
time, problems that are not related to txt2tags, but to the
script/processor in question. Until we have a clean and reliable
plugin schema (v3, I'm looking to you), I prefer to not add this kind
of feature.

But I liked your idea of "process the next block and substitute its
contents with the output of the processor". When we finally have
external processing, I'll want to have this block-based execution.


On Sat, Apr 25, 2009 at 10:40, Mike S.<rul...@gmail.com> wrote:
> >From the tips page http://txt2tags.sourceforge.net/tips.html#code-syntax
> "Txt2tags doesn't colorize programming code inside verbatim blocks.
> That would be plain bloat, and we're KISS.
> But you can make that using any other colorizer program and save the
> results to a file. Then you just include this file on the txt2tags
> conversion using the Tagged Include feature."
> This means my code has to be separate from the txt2tags file, which is
> annoying. Unless I write a pre-parser to extract the code and replace
> it with include links, then process each code block to a separate
> file, and then run the final txt2tags conversion.
> I would much prefer an option that could take a span, or block of
> text, send it to an arbitrary external command, and replace it with
> the command's output. It seems that's the motivation behind the
> pre/post processors, but they only do constant search/replace.
> I like that txt2tags strives for simplicity, but it would be nice if
> it could be simply extended with as much complexity as I want. :)
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