--On 21 September 2009 21 Sep-17:09:56  -0300 Aurélio Jargas
<ve...@aurelio.net> wrote:

> Hi John,
> All the file contents inside the <TITLE> was a hint about a line break
> problem, showing that txt2tags was not detecting it. I'm glad you
> managed to solve it, thanks for sharing!
> Bye

Thank yo Aurelio:
--I previously wrote:

>> This script did work however (for file in one directory):
>>  perl bin/bash/dos2unix.sh /file-path/*.txt

Correction/update: I had employed the following line in my own dos2unix
script - not a existing one:

 perl -pe 's/\r\n|\n|\r/\n/g'   inputfile > outputfile  # Convert to UNIX  

#A script for all files in a directory:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w


   #   Perl equivalent of the popular dos2unix utility:


   #   Convert DOS line endings to Unix line endings:

   #   works in bulk, safely updates files in place.


   my  ($filename, $line, $count);

   $count = 0;

   #   If no arguments, print an error message

   if( $#ARGV < 0 ) {

       print "Usage: $0 filenames\n";

       print ";Replace DOS line endings with Unix line endings\n";



   #   Loop through each given filename

   foreach $filename (@ARGV)


       if( -e "$filename.bak" ) {

           printf "Skipping $filename.bak - it already exists\n";


       elsif(!( -f $filename && -r $filename && -w $filename  )) {

           printf "Skipping $filename - not a regular writable file\n";


       else {


           open INPUT, "$filename.bak";

           open OUTPUT, ">$filename";

           while( <INPUT> ) {

               s/\r\n|\n|\r/\n/g;     # convert CR LF to LF

               print OUTPUT $_;


           close INPUT;

           close OUTPUT;





   printf "Processed $count files.\n";

#The scripts I gave with a URL,in my previous post, are a better final
solution, in that they recurse directories.


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