so I have seen another use case for raw (and this is also to correct a 

On 11/02/2010 01:02, Emmanuel Godard wrote:
> Is it to enable/disable beautifiers in monospaced text? Is this a
> possible use case? Note that, contrary to what is written in the doc, it
> seems you can no more have beautifiers inside monospaced inlines/blocks
> in the last versions of txt2tags.

It was never possible to have beautifiers into monospaced text. It was 
the other way round. But anyway the following line in the source for the 
user documentation 
(http://txt2tags.sourceforge.net/userguide/Monospaced.html#6_6) is (was) 
a quite interesting use case for raw.

- You can make a bold monospaced text enclosing it inside bold marks:
     ``""**``monobold``**""``. The same applies to the other beautifiers
     such as ``""//``italic``//""`` and ``""__``underline``__""``.

This will compile correctly with the stable version of txt2tags but not 
with the svn version. Because, from the source,
  The verbatim, raw and tagged inline marks are mutually exclusive.
  This means that one can't appear inside the other.
  If found, the inner marks must be ignored.

There is now no easy solution for inlining. But the following would be 
both correct and easy, if not inline:
``` **``monobold``**


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