On 01/03/2010 16:38, David Young wrote:
> Greetings,
> I'm using preproc to tweak the markup to my liking, and one thing I'd
> like to do is use ">  " or email style quotes instead of TABs.
> So far, I've got something silly like
> %!preproc: "^>  >  >  >  >  " "\t\t\t\t\t"
> %!preproc: "^>  >  >  >  " "\t\t\t\t"
> %!preproc: "^>  >  >  " "\t\t\t"
> %!preproc: "^>  >  " "\t\t"
> %!preproc: "^>  " "\t"
It does not answer exactly your question (but since you want to replace
overlapping expressions, it might be very difficult to do with regexes), 
but maybe
you could use the more generic preproc
%!preproc:"^((> )*)> "  "\1\t"
You do have to add N preprocs but they are not cumbersome to write as 
they are all the same.

> - I think preproc will completely ignore any tags that would effect
> these characters. example
This is a different problem, and this is *always* the case for preprocs. 
In this case, you would need a postproc like this
%!postproc: ">INSIDEVERBATIM2"  "> >"
Email in verbatim block.
 >INSIDEVERBATIM2 but this "quotation" formatting
 >INSIDEVERBATIM2 will be replaced with TAB
 >INSIDEVERBATIM2 characters, so my end product
 >INSIDEVERBATIM2 will be indented

Hope this helps,

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