TiddlyWiki is embeded into a html page, so I guess it's "javascript" only.

Being able to use the wiki syntax of txt2tags doesn't necessary mean we would 
have all the features of txt2tags (pre and postproc), only the conveniant 
formatting syntax.

There is a (almost complete) port of it for pmwiki and it's working well: 

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a écrit :

De: Emmanuel Godard <emmanuel.god...@lif.univ-mrs.fr>
Objet: Re: [t2t] TiddlyWiki target for txt2tags stuck in infinite loop
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Date: Mercredi 16 juin 2010, 20h39


Le 16/06/2010 01:39, Forgeot Eric a écrit :
> wouldn't it be possible to create a plugin for TiddlyWiki which would
> allow the use of the txt2tags syntax within it? It would be practical
> because you could enter the beloved txt2tags syntax directly into the wiki.

Well, with a quick look at the tiddly webpage, it seems this is coded in 
java. So that would mean another port of txt2tags (php was already 
Anyone to volunteer? :))


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