Hi Aurélio,
Hi list

Le 18/06/2010 06:14, Aurélio Jargas a écrit :
> Hi!
> After nice 8 hours of work in txt2tags, I've finally made it to update
> the test-suite to reflect the current SVN code.
>      BEFORE: Totals: 160 tests (79 ok / 81 failed)
>      AFTER: Totals: 160 tests (100% ok)
> :)
Awesome. Thanks for the great job.
> So if you change the txt2tags code and want to make sure nothing has
> broken, just run the tests:
>      cd test
>      ./run.py
I also had to modify lib.py, otherwise this is the txt2tags from my PATH 
that is tested. Am I doing something incorrectly?
> The full changelog is here: http://code.google.com/p/txt2tags/source/list
> Enjoy!
> PS: Emmanuel, sorry for taking so long for me to fix the tests, but it
> was hard to get the time and inspiration for this work.
No problem Aurélio. We all know how it is.
This is really great to have this test suite, ... and so I have quickly 
checked all the recent patches I submitted and it seems there will be 
work needed for the template one, (but I wont have time for it now :-/ )

Thanks again Aurélio,

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