Comment #6 on issue 39 by eforgeot: Python version support

The question is "do people still using python 2.0 really need the new  
features of txt2tags on their system?"

I guess the txt2tags 2.5 version is good enough for converting to LaTeX,  
html and such, and in the case someone for example needs to process files  
automatically on a server, the distributions probably won't propose the  
newest version of txt2tags.

Linux Debian Lenny which is already quite old is using python 2.5 and for  
older versions there are some backports for installing newer version for  
example. On Mac OS X, there is an installer of python-2.5.1-macosx.dmg  
which is suitable for Panther (10.3), and on Windows it's easy to get the  
latest version of python.

And even if people have issues with the 2.0 version of python being too  
old, it won't prevent to open and work on the txt2tags files, and convert  
their work on an other computer ;)

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