Hi there,

I've just updated the sample files at SVN. So what? You may ask :)

I'll tell you what: this update can give you a nice summary off all
the visible changes (they alter the generated code) txt2tags has gone
thru since the latest stable release 2.5, from 2008 (!!)


Click the "expand all" link to see the changes for yourself.

Most changes are blanks lines that were added or removed, making the
generated code better. But there are other changes to specific
targets, that's important for you to know if you use postproc filters,
some may break.

As you may have wondering from the recent activity on the txt2tags
SVN, we're alive! :) And better yet: a new stable release (v2.6) is on
the way. I just have to fix a few things before to freeze the code for
a beta. Count on you to help on the beta testing.

After two years with no news for those who doesn't use SVN, we'll
finally show up :)


Aurélio | www.aurelio.net | @oreio

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