I'm very happy to announce that now we've got a stable beta of the
soon-to-be-released txt2tags v2.6 \o/

I really really really need your help now to test this beta, to make
sure our official release will be as flawless as we can reach.

If you already use SVN, please make a "svn update" now and enjoy!
We're now on r231.

If you're still using old txt2tags 2.5, just download this file:

Please use it as your default txt2tags and tell us any bug you may
find. You can do it here on the mailing list or you can open a new
issue on the tracker (preferred):

The current open issues on the tracker I'll close after the 2.6
release, they won't make it to this one, sorry.

- The program version was changed to 2.6b1.
- Documentation is still not updated, I'll do it on the next days. I
do accept help on that too :)
- Please don't package and re-release this version, it's a matter of
days to the official release.
- This release is feature-freezed. But you can add an issue with a new
feature request for future v2.7.

The full (and long!) changelog since v2.5 (credits will appear on the
official changelog):

- New target: art (Ascii Art)
- New target: adoc (AsciiDoc)
- New target: creole (Creole 1.0)
- New target: dbk (DocBook)
- New target: pmw (pmWiki)

- New mark: ''tagged'' for inline tagged text
- New mark: ''' for blocks of tagged text

- New command %!csv to include an external CSV file as a table

- New option --slides to format output as presentation slides (used by -t art)
- New option --width to set the document's width (used by -t art)
- New option --height to set the document's height (used by -t art)
- New option --targets to list all the available targets
- New options (turn off): --no-slides, --no-targets

- HTML/XHTML: Removed those random <P></P> that used to appear on the output.
- HTML: Headers changed (when not using --css-sugar) to avoid orphan
open/close tags in some situations
- HTML: Removed id="toc" from the toc DIV, but class="toc" still remains.
- LaTeX: New compact lists for lists/numlists/deflists with no
paragraph breaks between items.
- LaTeX: Added span and cell alignment to tables.
- LaTeX: UTF-8 encoding is now correctly set as 'utf8' instead 'utf-8'
- Lout: Removed list indent to avoid gaps in text
- Lout: Now paragraphs are allowed inside lists

- Blank lines were added or removed to improve the generated code of
all targets.
- Raw and tagged blocks are now allowed inside paragraphs, they don't close it.
- Bugfix: Now -C,--config-file respects (target) in the configuration
file settings.
- Bugfix: Now inline verbatim, raw and tagged marks are really
mutually exclusive, so no marks is interpreted inside them.
- Now when called without arguments, don't load the graphical
interface. Must use --gui to load it.
- No more several blank lines at the end of the document
- The program code is now cleaner/safer with the help of pychecker.
- The ":" char is now allowed in the query component of a URI (link).
- Added SVN and bug tracker addresses to the --help message
- Sample files updated to utf-8
- Raise error when using (target) in %!target and %!includeconf

- I18N: Added Basque translations
- I18N: Added Chinese translations
- I18N: Added Ukrainian translations

- New syntax files for the following text editors: le, ne, JOE,
Markitup (jQuery)
- Improved the extra/txt2tags.vim syntax file for Vim

- Test-suite now with 250+ tests and new modules: art, csv, include,
includeconf, sample

Aurélio | www.aurelio.net | @oreio

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