Comment #1 on issue 46 by eforgeot: CSV table with header

I think it should be more common to use a header for the first line. In the  
case someone don't want this, there could be an option like "txt2tags  
--no-csv-header file.t2t" but it would do it for the whole document.

Otherwise there could be something like:

%!csv(html): foo.csv

%!csv-no-header(html): foo.csv

I thought also one could include the header mark in csv file, like this:

|title1, title2
value1, value2

but it doesn't work in the current version, it just adds the | in the  
table, because of the space before %s in the line: table.append('| %s  
|' % ' | '.join(row))
If we remove the space, there will be an extra | before every line (but the  
header will be displayed as such)

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