Comment #2 on issue 53 by Allow PreProc to generate  
multiple input lines

> This is a duplicate of issue 25...

Yes, I'm sorry, I'd forgotten about issue 25.

> Your patch is smaller than the one I submitted there but it may cause  
> problems when using "recursive" preproc rules like

> %!preproc: "^AAA$" "BBB\nAAA"

My patch should have no affect on this or your other examples as '\n' does  
not generate new input lines.
(As I stated above.)

It can only 'recurse' if you write a new PreProc that contains '\f' in its  
I'm sure there are plenty of other ways to break txt2tags if you really  
want to :-).
However, It wouldn't be too difficult to add some kind of progress-or-abort  

Anyway, it's only 4 lines of new code.  It should be pretty easy to test -  
and fix as/if necessary.


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