I'm working on a wiki for txt2tags where we could host this kind of thing:

It should be possible for you to create a new page, attach your work to it, and 
link it on the cookbook page. I hope to add more instruction about this soon.

If you want to get other people improve your plugin, you can also put it on a 
google code project.

About the license, I think both bsd or gnu gpl should be ok.

--- En date de : Ven 22.10.10, David Young <david.a.yo...@gmail.com> a écrit :

> De: David Young <david.a.yo...@gmail.com>
> Objet: [t2t] A new "external" addon for txt2tags
> À: "txt2tags mailing list" <txt2tags-list@lists.sourceforge.net>
> Date: Vendredi 22 octobre 2010, 16h09
> Hi all,
> I'm making some progress with the tiddlywiki plugin for
> parsing the
> txt2tags format.  It is by no means complete, but I'll
> be ready to
> make it available to other users soon.  What's the
> best method for
> releasing this code?
> A plugin for tiddlywiki is just a specially-formatted wiki
> page, so I
> can provide the raw txt and users would just copy-paste the
> text into
> a tiddlywiki page.  Alternatively I could just
> download the "empty"
> tiddlywiki and add the plugin myself.  This would be
> easier for users
> wanting a fresh tiddlywiki pre-configured to use txt2tags,
> but even an
> "empty" tiddlywiki file is ~350 kilobytes, if code
> footprint is a
> concern at all.
> There's also licensing.  Tiddlywiki itself is BSD
> licensed (does this
> mean it can't be included in txt2tags?).  I haven't
> decided on the
> license I want for my plugin... I don't particularly care,
> as it can't
> really be distributed without it's source and it's just a
> page or
> javascript.  Any suggestions for me to use?  I
> could use GPL like
> txt2tags does.
> -- 
> David Young


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