Since the last message, I've improved a bit the txt2tags parser in js (based on 
showdown). I've also included the "hack" into another markdown parser, called 
marked and it's working quite well (now we have tables!)

It's in

I've choosen another direction for this second library: instead of rebranding 
it with a "txt2tags" name, I've kept the old name and the old references: it 
means you don't really need to modify anything in a project you want to port to 
txt2tags, most of the time you just call the modified "marked.js" and it will 

Several cool tools are using marked:

- a presentation tool in html5 : (it's working 
with txt2tags now)
- a framework for developping interfaces : (it can work with txt2tags 
with a few tweaks)

- an email composer (extension for thunderbird, firefox, chrome) :

I've built and adapted the extensions for txt2tags. You can test them there: (the 2 last links on this page)

Or a direct download from there:

- firefox / thunderbird:

- Chrome:

For chrome / chromium you won't be able to install it right from the website. 
Open the folder where you've downloaded the extension, and drag and drop it 
into Chrome's extension panel.

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