Florent Gallaire wrote
>Have satisfied users is a real motivation for the txt2tags team.

I think a lot of other Perl users would also be very happy
to use txt2tags instead of pod.

Then instead of having to write e.g.:
    =item I<this>
    =item B<that>
    =item U<the other>
    =item etc

they can just write:
    - //this//
    - **that**
    - __the other__
    - etc

So heres a challenge for someone who knows more about Perl than I do:
    + Rewrite my quick and dirty  pod-as-txt2tags script (below)
      as a Perl module.
    + Then put that module on CPAN.
    + Then blog/tweet/rave about it.

# This script reads a Perl file
# which has been documented (=pod … =cut) using txt2tags markup
# and writes out the documentation format html
# It assumes that executables «podselect» and «txt2tags»
# are already installed

use strict;
use Carp;
use Cwd (qw(abs_path));

# Please fill in values for the following
my $pfil       = '';# name of the Perl script with t2t documentation
my $wrkgdir    = '';# path to that Perl script
my $heading    = '';# title of the html outfile
my $subheading = '';# second line of the html outfile
my $my_css_file= '';# path and name of the css file

# Dont touch anything below here
my $plfile    = $wrkgdir . $pfil;
unless( -d $wrkgdir){croak "Cannot find \$wrkgdir $wrkgdir\n\tCroaked";}
unless( -f $plfile ){croak "Cannot find \$plfile   $plfile\n\tCroaked";}

my $header     = "$heading\n$subheading\n";

(my $t2tfile   = $plfile ) =~ s/\.pl/.t2t/;
(my $tempfile  = $plfile ) =~ s/\.pl/.temp/;
(my $htmlfile  = $plfile ) =~ s/\.pl/.html/;

# Precautionary principle ...
croak if( ( $t2tfile  eq $plfile ) );
croak if( ( $tempfile eq $plfile )or( $tempfile eq $t2tfile ) );
croak if( ( $htmlfile eq $plfile )or( $htmlfile eq $tempfile )or(
$htmlfile eq $t2tfile ) );

# Run podselect on the .pl file
my $command1   = "podselect $plfile > $tempfile";
system $command1;
croak unless( -f $tempfile );

# Prepare to read temp file and write t2t file
open TEMPFILE, "<", $tempfile or croak;
open T2TFILE,  ">", $t2tfile  or croak;

# Write header into the t2t file
print T2TFILE $header;
print T2TFILE <<"EOF";
\%\%mtime(\%Y-\%m-\%d \%H:\%M:\%S)

\%!target        : html
\%!encoding      : UTF-8
\%!options       : --css-sugar --css-inside
\%!style(html)   : $my_css_file


# Write the temp file into the t2t file
    print T2TFILE unless( ( /^=pod/ )or( /^=begin txt2tags/ )or( /^=end
txt2tags/ )or( /^=cut/ ));
close TEMPFILE or croak;

# Close the t2t file with a coda
printf T2TFILE "\n\n\n===CODA===\n\n\n- This file was made from [%s
%s]\n- By [%s %s]\n\n\n",
    $pfil,$plfile,$0, abs_path($0),;
close T2TFILE  or croak;

# Run txt2tags on the t2t file
my $command2 = "txt2tags --target html $t2tfile";
print STDOUT "\n\n";
system $command2;
print STDOUT "\n\n";

# Remove the file *.temp  and the file *.t2t
foreach my $file ( $t2tfile, $tempfile ) {
    unlink $file or warn "Could not unlink $file: $!\n";

# All done! Say goodbye
if(-f $htmlfile){print STDOUT "DONE THAT!\n\n";}
else{print STDOUT "\n\n\tOHHH! NO SIGN OF $htmlfile\n\n";}












+ Requires //podselect//; standard part of Perl installation, usually
found (Linux) at /usr/bin/podselect. See [CPAN
+ And //txt2tags//. See [download page http://txt2tags.org/download.html]








This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the same terms as Perl itself.


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