Sorry to send out so many emails but some of you have
contacted me regarding vigils and meetings in our
community.  Below lists the one tonight (Wed) downtown
and a prayer service of mourning at Temple Beth Or,
with rabinical representation of all the shuls in Wake


In Wake County, as a group, the Jewish community
decided to follow the
police chief's recommendation not to gather in a large
group for any
purpose last night. We do encourage you to attend the
vigil tonight (Wednesday) at 7:00 pm down at the
Fayetteville street
mall near the convention center with everybody else. 

We will also be holding a prayer service of mouring
and consolation at
7:00 pm Thursday evening at Temple Beth Ohr on
Creedmoor Road. All four
Wake County shuls/rabbis will participate together in
this service (not
a political rally), following which counselors will be
available to 
to adults and kids about the tragedy.

Of course, come to shul on Friday night (8:00) and
Shabbat morning
(9:15), as well as Rosh Hashana, coming up. 

I just spoke with my friend who lives in New York City

She is worried about what is contained in the huge
cloud of dust that 
settling over New York. She's worried about the
asbestos and toxic

I, however, remember standing in Auschwitz-Birkenau,
and seeing the 
dust on the ground containing pieces of bones of the
victims. I fear
that there may be very few victims' bodies ever
discovered at the World
Trade Center's footprint. 

Here is my prayer:

Oh God, help us, someday, to breathe again.

Oh God, help us, someday, to walk again.

All the rest, I cannot bear to say.

Rabbi David Bockman

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