Save the dates!

1.  Happy Hour
2.  Super Bowl Party
3.  "Jew Bowl" is back!
4.  Poker night
Happy Hour will be every third Thursday of the month. 
January 24 we'll be at Bailey's in Chapel Hill.  7:00

February 21 will be the next Happy Hour.  Anyone have
any ideas for a good location?


Mike Cohen is hosting a Super Bowl party at his house.
 Details forthcoming. 


"Jew Bowl" (football) is back!  Join us March 10 at
Lake Crabtree off of Aviation Parkway for a game of
football.  All levels of experience are welcome.


Mark H. is hosting poker night on Wednesday, April 10.
 Details forthcoming.  Start brushing up on your game

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Triangle.  Past mailings can be found at our website:
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always looking for new hosts.

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